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acharaviis situated on the northern tip of the Ionian Island of Corfu (Kerkyra).  It has long since established itself as one of the top resorts on the North of Corfu and is particularly suited to couples and families.  Around 40km from the airport, it takes about an hour to get into Acharavi.  The scenery on the journey is stunning as you pass through the mountains and quaint old Greek villages.

Acharavi is a family resort offering everything from the sandy beach for young children and adults alike to the night life that teenagers require. The re-opening of the Corfu trail in the hills behind and above the resort has opened this resort up to walkers. The trail takes you through the shoreline and foothills of Acharavi. Lookout for the blue way markers.

Follow the road through Acharavi and on the way out you will see signs to the Roman baths. They are situated just the other side of the town. Also a Doric temple remains near Roda which is the next town along from Acharavi. This temple is said to have probably been built as a dedication to Apollo.

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